The Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial - Bricks & Stones

Help Celebrate Your Heritage

The RI Irish Famine Memorial commemorates the struggles and triumphs of our Irish immigrant ancestors. A larger-than-life bronze sculpture of three Irish figures elevated on a stone base portrays the despair of the past combined with an enduring sense of optimism, thus reflecting the strength of our ancestors' immigration and their achievements in America. Extending from the statue are two walkways bordered by inscribed donor bricks and granite flagstones.

The walkways lead to a semicircle of bricks facing the memorial wall, which tells the history of the "Great Famine" in narration and imagery. The wall features vignettes of Irish life at the time of the Hunger, traces the immigrants' escape to a new world, and recounts their struggle to overcome adversity in building a new home for themselves and their descendants.

The Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial Committee asks for your support to guarantee that the Memorial will remain well-preserved for many future generations of visitors to be informed and inspired by this timeless human story.

We invite you to make a tax-deductible contribution in purchasing one or more bricks or flagstones to be included among those being remembered at the RI Irish Famine Memorial. Add your name or the name of any victim, survivor, or descendant you wish to honor.

Inscribe a name on a brick or a granite flagstone at the Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial located along the downtown Providence River Walk.

There are still blank bricks and granite stones waiting to be engraved. Don't be left out! Be part of the campaign by purchasing a brick now!

The price of a brick is $150.00. The price of the Granite Flagstone is $1,500.

How to Order:

  • Please fill out the form online and print a copy by clicking on the 'Print Order Form' button above.
  • Make your check payable to the Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial.
  • Mail the the completed Order Form with your check to the address below.

Donor Information:

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Forth Line:             [Flagstone only]

Click on this link to print your order form.

When you have completed and printed the form, please mail it and your check to:

Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial
PO Box 28077
Providence, RI 02908

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Thank you!